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ATM management and distribution solutions for retailers.

PAI ATM programs are set apart from other, less flexible companies by providing custom solutions that maximize financial performance and improve user experiences.

The best ATM portfolio management tools & services.


Enable the ability to purchase Bitcoin directly from your ATM with our partnership with LibertyX. With the aggressive rise in popularity, adding Bitcoin capabilities to your machines gives you the opportunity to earn monthly commissions, generate foot traffic, gain free marketing and collateral, and get simple set ups and around the clock customer support. 



We provide retailers a level of visibility and control that is unmatched in the ATM industry, enabling you to maximize the effectiveness of your ATM fleet. With PAI Reports for retailers, you will realize higher asset productivity through features such as automated alerts and cash management tools, the ability to change surcharge pricing on demand, and remote terminal management access. PAI is an expert in designing and customizing these tools to fit your needs. Your ATM fleet will run more efficiently and profitably with Payment Alliance.


Disruption is everywhere. Make it an advantage to your ATM program with our proprietary, purpose-built ATM servicing and CIT (Cash-in-Transit) solutions. Vantage Technical Services (VTS) delivers significant improvements in service levels and cash management at a lower unit cost. The leadership of VTS has a unique perspective and depth of knowledge in the CIT and insurance space that yields increased service responsiveness, lower cash residuals, and fewer cash losses through superior management tools.


We also own and operate ATM fleets, and can offer these services to any retailer. Our turnkey offering includes everything you need to offer your retail customers the convenience of ATM access within your store. If you would rather own your ATMs, we offer a variety of servicing options, from processing to full cash provisioning and maintenance. All of our ATM placement and processing packages include Vantage and PAI Reports.

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