Financial Institutions.

Focus on your customer's experience
and let us focus on your ATMs. 

Our turn-key outsourcing program brings everything you need for a world-class ITM and ATM program, with fixed, predictable costs, and zero headaches. 

While your customers take ATMs for granted, owning a fleet of ATMs is a complex endeavor. Whether it's managing cash, fixing broken parts, tracking down customer transactions or upgrading sfotware, ATMs occupy much of your staff's time. Our outsourcing program will eliminate the need to allocate staff time to your ATMs. We provide your customers with a superior level of service at a fraction of the cost - and time - of operating an in-house program. 

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Hardware & Software 

We work with you to determine the best equipment for your needs. Whether purchasing new ATMs or taking ownership of your current equipment, PAI provides you simplified, predictable costs, as all other services are rolled into one managed service fee. 

Maintain the latest technology

We keep up with the latest technology and requirements. Whether it’s Windows 10 updates, chip cards, or new encryption standards, your terminals will be using the latest technology, for your customer’s experience, and your security.

Monitoring & Reporting

We monitor your ATMs and dispatch technicians when necessary to ensure maximum uptime. Usage reports for your ATM fleet can be delivered per a schedule

Keep your surcharge and transaction revenue

You get 100% of all surcharge revenue and most of the interchange revenue back.

ATM Driving

We manage the setup, authorization, processing, and settlement of ATM transactions through our preferred ATM driving solutions.

Regular maintenance & support

Our technical team is second to none. We provide full operational support and repair of terminals, including replacing supplies such as receipt paper, printer heads, compliance stickers, and more.

Cash Management

When your agreement includes managed cash replenishment, we handle cash forecasting, ordering and scheduled/off route replenishment.

Regulatory compliance and Reg-E claim management

We operate the ATMs — whether you’ve chosen to retain ownership or not — so we provide customer support, filing, and verification for all Reg. E claims and other regulatory burdens

Strict SLAs to guarantee your satisfaction

We provide you with the metrics to measure our performance – because that’s how we measure our own performance!

"We are able to keep costs down, our staffing level constant, and present an image of a growing financial institution, attracting new customers with little expense."

-Equitable Bank