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ATMs and ATM Program Management for Cannabis Dispensaries

Optimize your ATM program while adhering to federal banking laws with a reliable partner, PAI - A Brink's Company. We will handle all compliance, SOC reporting and corporate governance while providing you with 24/7 real-time visibility on transactions and revenue. That way, you can focus on your product and your customers, and we'll assure cash is available. As a cash-only business, the last thing you want to do is turn away customers because they only have a card. 

Revenue Sharing and Free ATM with No Costs to You

With PAI - A Brink's Company, you can upgrade your ATM management and give your customers easy access to cash so they spend it with you. You will also earn passive income from surcharge revenue.

ATM Management Included


ATM Management Software 


PAI - A Brink's Company has streamlined the process of managing your ATMs through our comprehensive software. 


  • SOC & compliant reporting, corporate governance 

  • Real-time visibility on transactions/revenue

  • Customizable dashboards for General Managers,
    FP&A Teams and Executives

  • Comprehensive, customizable reports available
    24/7 on any device

  • ATM activity alerts -- Balances, errors,
    customizable thresholds

  • Monthly reconciliation reports for your FP&A Team

We Support Large and Small Cannabis Businesses

We work with cannabis businesses and dispensaries that need one ATM or over 101 ATMs. Our service range covers the country. You are already in our service area.

Best In Class Customer Service

The best approach to customer service is working to make sure there are no problems by anticipating your dispensary’s needs. This is why our merchant support team and our advanced software analytics dashboard enable us to continuously monitor cash, forecasting, outages, cannabis holidays, banking and regulatory changes. We work efficiently to make sure you are fully operational and ready to serve your customers and patients.


We also know that even with the best plans, issues can still arise. That’s why we have comprehensive customer service dedicated to getting your ATM up and running again quickly. We understand the importance of our product and having reliable cash ready at all times. Your customers and patients need to have access to cash and that is directly tied to the success of your dispensary. 


This is why we offer:


  • One Dedicated Representative and Point of Contact  

  • Dedicated, 24/7 Multi-Channel Customer Support

  • Automatic Monitoring, Reporting, Forecasting and Dispatch

  • ATM Activity Alerts -- Balances, Errors, Customizable Notifications

ATM Branding Options

Our ATMs can come with custom branding and wrapping. Not only do they look great, they raise brand awareness. 
These can include:


  • Custom-Wrapped ATMs

  • Custom Welcome Screens

  • Themed ATM features, ex: $420 withdrawal amount

  • Loyalty Programs Incorporation

  • Options for Charitable Fundraising

  • Potential for Ad Revenue

**Ask us about our Cash-in-Transit services**

Jonathon Nelson

Business Development Manager,
Emerging Markets

Matt Lawson

Business Development Manager,
Emerging Markets

We are a proud member of NCIA and the National ATM Council.
We are dedicated to providing dispensaries with a customer-
focused ATM Management Program.

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