Why PAI Wireless

PAI's wireless ATM solutions offer placement, hardware, service, maintenance, cash and paper loading. All you provide is the power.

Why PAI wireless ATM Solutions

Save money

The typical business costs over $50 every month. Most PAI Wireless plans are less than half this amount. Savings of over $350 a year on a single ATM are typical. If you operate 100 ATMs this number is a massive $35,000 every year.

Easy to install

Who likes dealing with the phone company and running phone lines? Yuck. PAI Wireless ATM solution eliminates all the delays and hassles associated with a conventional phone line. Plug the PAI Wireless box into the ATM and a power source, plug in the antenna and you are done, the ATM is ready to communicate.

Faster Transaction Speeds

ATM users like ATMs that process transactions quickly and tend to come back. Many modern ATMs are capable of performing transactions at speeds significantly faster than a conventional phone can accommodate. PAI Wireless allows you to get the fastest transactions possible – less than 10 seconds in most cases – from your new ATMs and get more of those repeat customers.


PAI Wireless ATM Solution connects through Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile wireless, giving you the best coverage and most reliable network available. PAI Wireless boxes operate today in all 50 states on literally thousands of ATMs.

Data Security Plus

PAI Wireless utilizes SSL encryption to protect your customer's transaction data. And we allow you to manage your ATMs remotely over secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Download the PAI Wireless ATM program sell sheet here (PDF file, opens in new window).