Merchant solutions for Convenience Stores: ATMs and credit card processing solutions

Fast, flexible products that fit your customers busy lifestyle.

Convenience store or c-storeWe offer a variety of merchant solutions for convenience stores that help owners increase profits. Our ATM Purchase or Placement programs mean whenever your customers use the ATM in your store, you’re making money, earning surcharge revenue. Also, since they're using cash, you will decrease credit card fees and bad check losses. Where there's an ATM, there's cash spending. Make your customers happy, and make more money.

Our debit and credit card processing solutions mean you never have to turn away a customer because you can’t accept their preferred form of payment. Payment Alliance International (PAI) offers a variety of point-of-sale (POS) debit and credit card processing solutions that make credit and debit card payments fast, easy, and reliable.

With the introduction of the Bill Pay product into our existing Prepaid offering (includes the Prepaid Mall and Gift Card Mall programs), convenience store owners can now generate revenue by offering valuable services to their customers while at the same time increasing foot traffic from new customers seeking these specific services.

Bundle Includes:

Download our Retail Point of Sale (POS) Programs Trifold Brochure (PDF file - opens in new window).

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