Payment Processing | Wireless CREDIT CARD Terminals

Increase sales, efficiency and flexibility with wireless credit card processing terminals

Credit card terminal: mobilescape 3000Is your business on the move, in more ways than one? If your business takes you out of a brick-and-mortar and onto the street, you need a wireless credit card terminal for mobile credit card processing! Whether you need to accept payment on-site at your clients' home or business, in a conference booth, or wherever your business may take you--wireless credit card terminals can help increase sales, efficiency, and offer unparalleled opportunity and flexibility to you and your customers.

Advantages of Wireless Credit and Debit Card Terminals

Payment Alliance International (PAI) offers wireless credit card terminals that are compact, lightweight and portable enough to take anywhere. Whether it’s a trade show, a football game or a Renaissance fair--wherever you need to accept payment, our wireless terminals make mobile credit card processing possible.

  • Stop missing out on sales to customers who didn’t bring enough cash!
  • Stop spending additional fees renting phone lines at conferences!
  • Stop paying higher rates on transactions because you couldn’t swipe the card!

Contact one of our financial service specialists today, and learn how going wireless can increase your profits.