merchant Check Services: Deferred Payment Plans

Guarantee funding and increase sales with a deferred check payment program

Deferred payment optionsDo you want to increase your sales & revenue by helping your customers afford the big ticket items of their dreams? Do your customers find themselves faced with unexpected emergencies--home repair, dental procedures or a pet’s emergency veterinary procedure--and need to stretch their payments out over time? TermPAY by Payment Alliance International can help your business make more sales and increase profits by offering your customers a 3 or 6 month deferred payment plan.

Receive guaranteed up front funding while helping your customers take home higher ticket items for only 20% down at the time of purchase.

TermPAY: Deferred Payment Program Benefits

  • Receive guaranteed up front funding
  • Increase sales
  • Sell more large tickets items
  • High rate of approval
  • Attract repeat customers
  • No liability on defaults
  • Provides an alternative financing method to customers with less than stellar credit
  • Discounted pricing when bundled with credit card processing

Download our TermPAY retail sell sheet (PDF file, opens in new window).

Make this budget-conscious deferred payment option a possibility for your customers! Contact our financial services specialists about our check services today.