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More Sales & Revenue.
Fewer Headaches.

Looking for simple ways to grow your business, increase revenue, and surpass your customers’ expectations? PAI can help you add new revenue generators such as an on-site ATM, prepaid card centers, bill pay and loyalty cards, without worrying about overextending your business operationally or financially. Attract new customers, and earn more from your current customers, by partnering with PAI.

Our targeted, effective eMarketing solution can help you reach new customers in your area and expand your business, increasing sales.Add 90-Day payment options to make bigger purchases possible for your customers.

Contact one of our financial service specialists today to discover how we can help your business increase sales and revenues.


An average ATM machine can produce an annual net revenue of $4,700.
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Prepaid Card Centers

Our Prepaid Centers can provide your business access to one of the top 5 profit categories, driving new revenue and sales opportunities.
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Bill Pay

Generate revenue by offering valuable services to your current customers, while increasing foot traffic and sales from new customers seeking these specific services.
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Gift & Loyalty Cards

Increase revenue and sales with gift and loyalty cards--either from your business, or from major national retail brands.
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Deferred Payment Plans

Do you want to help your customers afford those big ticket items by stretching their payments over 3 or 6 months? Increase your business opportunities with our Deferred Payment options.
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