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Gift & Loyalty Cards

Gift & loyalty cardsIncrease revenue and sales with gift and loyalty cards--either from your business, or from major national retail brands.

Private label gift and loyalty cards that are customized with a merchant’s own brand can be sold to consumers at the POS. These cards can only be used at specific merchant locations that are associated with the merchant-branded gift card. Loyalty programs are available in a cardless or card-based scenario. A business can customize the rewards programs that are offered to its customers.

Private label gift and loyalty cards, also known as "stored value cards," have largely served as a replacement for paper-based payment instruments and related devices, such as gift certificates, paper tickets and tokens, and check-based rebates.

80% of consumers will purchase a gift or loyalty card this year; 60% will spend more than the initial value of the card. This is a great way to expand your revenues!

In addition to private label gift and loyalty cards, we offer PAI’s Gift Card Mall, powered by Now Prepay, a virtual POS solution that allows merchants to tap into the multi-billion dollar prepaid card market with no up-front costs.

Gift cards in the mall are from major retailers, restaurants, entertainment, specialty stores, clothing and more. Consumers can redeem gift cards at the appropriate retail outlet when making a purchase.

Merchants enjoy benefits such as:

  • No up-front costs for inventory or merchandising
  • Earning commissions with the very first card sold
  • Attracting new customers and maintaining customer loyalty
  • Becoming associated with national brands
  • Paying for prepaid products only after they are sold to consumers
  • Ongoing automated product updates
  • Eliminating shrinkage and theft by selling gift cards electronically instead of over-the-counter, pre-activated products
  • Web reporting and weekly email billing provides crucial product sales information
  • Convenient ACH payment processing for sales
  • POS terminal or PC compatibility

Download our Prepaid Offerings Trifold Brochure (PDF file - opens in new window).

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