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Helpful Facebook Tips for your ATM Business

PAI – May 29th, 2014

Of all the social networking platforms people use today, Facebook still remains at the top of the list. Even with newer social media platforms making their way into business marketing trends, Facebook still proves to be a great resource to promote your business, keep up on current trends and connect directly with your customers. Below are four tips to help you maximize your efforts on Facebook so that you can grow your ATM business.

  1. Create your page

    A Facebook business page is a lot like a regular Facebook profile, but for brands and businesses. Your Facebook business page is your businessí home base on the social networking site, so make sure it truly reflects your business.

    If you have a business logo, use it as the primary photo for your page. Your cover photo is your opportunity to illustrate what your ATM business is all about. Pick a cover photo that is attractive and showcases what your business does.

    The "AboutĒ section is your opportunity to make it as easy for current and potential customers to contact you as possible. Phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and business websites should all be outlined in this section.

    Whether you need help creating a page, or already have one and want to make sure itís well optimized, Facebook will take you through the process step by step with this helpful guide.

  2. Allocate Time

    Once your day gets going, itís easy to forget about checking your Facebook page or posting to it. Depending on your schedule, you can allocate 10 minutes a day when itís convenient for you to check your newsfeed, check for messages and schedule posts. If daily seems too much, start with every other day.

  3. Leverage your friends and family

    Do you have a personal Facebook page? Once you create your business page, you can invite your friends and family to like it. Your friends and family can also be one of your biggest advocates for sharing your content. You might not think itís a big deal that people you already know well engage with your content on your business page, but if they share your content, itís dispersed to their Facebook network. Then, if someone in their network shares your content, itís dispersed to a whole new network of people, and so on. You never know who might need ATM services. A friend of a friend, or a friend of a family member might see your content and reach out to you.

  4. Interact with Customers Right from Your Smartphone

    The best way to manage a Facebook business page with limited time is by using the Page Manager app on your smartphone. This app allows you to update your page and view your notifications in real time.

If youíre new to Facebook or would like some additional insight on how to ramp up your efforts, Facebook for Business offers great step-by-step guides and other resources to help you get the most out of your page to grow your ATM business. For helpful tips, check out our Social Media Business Tips section and start utilizing social media to grow your ATM business today!

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