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Four Tips to Grow your ATM Business with LinkedIn

PAI – Mar 20th, 2014

Have you been thinking about new ways to boost your professional visibility, capture more leads or network with others in the ATM industry? Look no further than LinkedIn. In a recent survey, LinkedIn found that 3 in 5 SMBs reported that they’ve gained new customers by using social media sites like LinkedIn.

You might be familiar with the capabilities of LinkedIn, possibly posted your professional experience or listed your resume in your profile, but if you’re not taking advantage of the many other features LinkedIn offers, you might be missing out on great business expansion opportunities.

Below are some tips to help you maximize your LinkedIn profile and take advantage of its powerful capabilities to expand your business.

  1. Optimize your profile to get found.

    • Upload a personal, professional picture of yourself. Your photo is your first impression to potential connections and leads. It’s the jumping off point to begin establishing a credible and comfortable relationship with them.
    • How to upload your profile photo

    • Select your company from the LinkedIn list when creating or updating your Experience. You then automatically show up on your company’s LinkedIn page, and the company logo will show up on your page with a link back to the company page. You also become an automatic follower of your company.
    • How to add your current company to your profile

    • Search for the keywords you want to be found for and include those keywords in your headline, profile description & endorsements. Examples could include "ATM Service Provider” or "ATM Consultant.”
    • Fill out your contact information – include it in your bio and contact section. This should include a link to your company’s website. This will create additional inbound links to your company homepage – giving it more value with search engines.
    • How and where to add your contact info

    • Include specific calls to action throughout your profile to encourage members and followers to engage with you.
    • Ask for endorsements and recommendations from your current colleagues and clients. This is a great way to validate the expertise you have listen in your profile. Do the same for your connections and companies you’ve done business with.
    • How endorsements work
  2. Find new connections, companies and groups with LinkedIn’s advanced search segments.

  3. With advanced search, you can do a lot more than search for people – you can search industries, professions, businesses, and much more.

    People Search
    • Use Advanced Search for prospecting – focus on specific job titles and industry keywords. Look through profiles of your 1st, 2nd and group connections to expand your network & join more groups.
    • The Get Introduced feature helps you find out who you have in common with your current connections and allows you to ask that common connection to introduce you with new connections.
    Company Search
    • Search and follow companies you already do business with and would like to do business with. Many companies also regularly post timely company news and industry related articles you help you stay on top of the latest topics.
  4. Join active groups – and participate

    • Use keyword searches to look up specific groups in the search bar. Hundreds of public and private groups will show up, most active groups will deliver higher results. Follow as many relevant groups as you want to get an idea of the conversations your potential customers are having. You can also send a request to be invited to private groups. This is a great way to also connect with other like-minded professionals and potential customers.
    • NOTE: Forums aren’t a place to publicly sell or advertise. However, if you find a potential customer discussing a pain point you have a solution to, it’s a great opportunity to message that person and turn them into a potential lead.
  5. Update your status regularly

LinkedIn is a great place to establish industry thought leadership and share news and information that can be beneficial to your connections and customers.
  • Post or share relevant industry news a few times per week. LinkedIn makes it easy for you to find the latest and most popular articles related to your industry. However, posting articles is just the beginning. Ask thought provoking questions to get members to engage with you, or post compelling visual content like pictures or videos.

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