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Why Use Mobile Credit Card Processing?

PAI – Jun 14th, 2013

Benefits of mobile credit card processingAs a business owner, accepting credit cards can be essential to keeping your company going. But with so many card processors available, it can be difficult to choose which is the best fit for your company. Weíve discussed the future of mobile payments on our blog before, but this time weíve compiled a list of the top benefits of using mobile credit card processing.


Credit card processing security has come a long way, but there are still businesses that do not properly protect their customerís sensitive information. If your company still uses a card imprinter to make a carbon copy of credit cards, or if you write down credit card numbers for any reason, you are jeopardizing your customerís security. Once you write down all the information needed to make a charge on a customerís card, others can use that information as well without the customerís permission. Mobile credit card processing keeps your customerís information secure by swiping their card and digitally transferring all of their sensitive data. Nothing is written down, and no one but the customer sees all the information needed to make a charge.


Since December 2006, all printed credit and debit card receipts must have all but the last 5 digits of the customerís account information removed. And you must completely remove the cardís expiration date. By using a mobile credit card processor, you stay in compliance with these laws because the receipt will truncate the card number and remove the expiration date automatically.


If you are in the habit of calling to authorize a credit card when you are away from the store, you know how slow and time consuming the process can be. Every second it takes to finalize one sale is a second lost making another. Mobile credit card processing is fast and easy, meaning more time making sales and less time calling to get transactions approved.


Credit cards can be used to make a purchase whether the actual card is present or not. For online or phone orders, the merchant is given the number and puts it into the credit card processing system. For merchants who make physical sales in person, the customer provides the card and it is swiped through a card reader. While merchants are charged percentage fees for both transaction types, the percentage for card-present transactions is typically lower than the fee for card-not-present transactions. This means a merchant who may typically make card-not-present transactions can save a significant amount of money by using a mobile credit card processor.

So whether youíre looking to speed up transactions, save money or just want to make sure youíre being as secure as possible, mobile credit card processing has a number of advantages that can help your business. Learn more about PAIís Mobile Solutions, or contact a PAI representative to get started today!

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