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Improve the bottom line of your ATM Business with Dynamic Currency Conversion

PAI – Sep 3rd, 2014

Do you own ATM machines in popular tourist spots, cultural areas or airports? Adding Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) could add a significant amount of income to your ATM route with no upfront costs.

What is Dynamic Currency Conversion?

International card users in the U.S. often have longer wait times to get cash from a machine and they never immediately know how much is taken from their accounts because of varying bank fees and transaction reconciliations that can sometimes take 30 to 40 days. With DCC, international travelers to the US who withdraw dollars from a participating ATM can enjoy the convenience of knowing the exact amount to be deducted from their account at the time of the withdrawal - and in the currency they know best - their own.

A New Source of Revenue with Dynamic Currency Conversion

With ATM Currency Exchange (ACE), our unique dynamic currency conversion solution that's powered by Planet Payment, ATM owners are entitled to 2 percent of the total withdrawal amount including surcharge from each transaction. Below is an example of ACE revenue opportunity:

In addition to earning additional revenue, there are other benefits to taking advantage of ACE:

  • Drive additional traffic from international cardholders
  • No additional cost or effort
  • Increase ATM usage and lower ATM ownership cost

Our DCC partner, Planet Payment, provides a complete end-to-end DCC solution, including:

  • ATM software development assistance/guidance
  • Cardholder ACE qualification and offer
  • ACE transaction clearing and settlement reporting
  • Multi-currency processing
  • Reconciliation and exception processing
  • Direct feeds into PAI Reports

Payment Alliance International exclusively offers Dynamic Currency Conversion to all of our customers at no additional cost. All new ATM machines from PAI are Dynamic Currency Conversion software compatible, while some older machines may require a keypad upgrade. Contact a PAI representative today to find out if your machine is ready for the DCC software or if a keypad upgrade will be required.

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