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Growing Your ATM Business through Sub Distributors

PAI – Apr 17th, 2014

Grow your atm business with sub distributors
How can a sub distributor help you grow your ATM business? Before we get into the advantages, letís first explore what it takes to maintain your current retail distribution operations.

  • Daily Distributor Operations: Visiting retail locations, assessing inventory availability, ensuring customer satisfaction, responding to service and maintenance concerns, etc.
  • Sales and Customer Service: Distributor route maintenance, relationship building, lead generation, sales, customer service, etc.

While that is a lot of responsibility, what if you could shift all of that pressure to someone else? Unlike an employee, this person would be accountable for all of the business management and operating costs. You would still benefit from the sales and revenue, but you wouldnít have to worry about making additional investments in capital and resources.

Sound interesting? Then, letís take a few minutes to explore the exact advantages of using an ATM sub distributor to grow your business:

A Sub Distributor is Not an Employee: A sub distributor is not an employee. Instead, the sub distributor role is treated as its own separate business. They are responsible for the daily operations, route maintenance and customer contract, while you control the source of the product.

Why is this important? A sub distributor frees you from the responsibility and liability of bringing on additional employees.

Gain More Market Share with Less Leg Work: As the main distributor, your only job is to control the distribution of the product. The sub distributor is accountable for establishing the route, making contacts and building relationships.

Why is this important? Ultimately, this let you quickly expand your market share without having to do the leg work. This can be particularly rewarding if you are contracting with sub distributors who have an established route.

Improve Profit Margins while Lowering Operating Costs: In essence, you are selling the product to the sub distributor, who in turn is selling it to the retailer. While this does reduce your initial profit margins, it also reduces your operating expenditures.

Why is this important? Simply put, you share in the profit without the expense and risk associated with maintaining an excessive number of distributor routes.

In the end, managing an ATM business is a great opportunity filled a number of revenue generating operations. Using a sub distributor lets you continue to grow this business, without adding additional expenses or resources.

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