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Wired or Wireless ATMs?

PAI – Mar 13th, 2014

Six benefits of wireless communications for your ATM

If your ATM doesn’t use wireless communications, you may be missing out on some great business benefits. When you cut the cord, you save time, improve efficiency and reduce costs, greatly improving your overall bottom line. Below are six reasons to consider wireless ATMs.
Wireless atm benefits

Cut the cord, reduce costs and improve efficiencies with wireless ATM solutions

Reduced costs

The typical monthly cost for a landline in the U.S. ranges from $40 to $50 per month. Most wireless plans are less than half this amount. Savings of over $350 a year on a single ATM are typical. If you operate 100 ATMs the cost is $35,000 every year! I think we could all agree that there’s a lot we could do with a couple extra thousand dollars per year. Vacation, anyone?

Easy to install
Time is money. Why wait days or weeks waiting for the phone company to activate a phone line when wireless solutions can have your ATM up and running within minutes? Plug the wireless box into the ATM and a power source, plug in the antenna and you’re done.

Faster Transaction Speeds
Thanks to innovative technology, modern ATMs are capable of performing transactions at speeds significantly faster than conventional phone lines. Wireless transmission of data allows users to get the fastest transactions possible – less than 10 seconds in most cases. And let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced society where many people are usually on the go, anything that gets customers what they need quicker and easier, they will keep coming back.

Wireless technology has significantly improved over the years and continues to make more progress. As technology advances and becomes more efficient, overall costs decrease. Major mobile networks are constantly innovating, furthering ability to provide excellent, reliable coverage more than ever before.

Data Security
We’ve all read the headlines. Hacking and identity theft are a growing problem, enhancing public security concerns. Wireless ATMs utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption that protects user transaction data. At PAI, we allow you to manage your ATMs remotely over secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), reducing the risk of data breaches and ATM hacking.

Before the days of wireless, ATMs could only be placed where there was available landline connectivity. Now, all that’s needed is a power source and you can put your ATM where the people are. If a business changes its location or there’s a better area for an ATM to be placed due to higher foot traffic, no problem! The ATM can move anywhere, anytime, for any reason. Wireless also increases opportunity to place ATMs at temporary events like fairs and trade shows.

PAI’s wireless ATM solutions offer low cost, easy to install connection. In addition, we give you placement, hardware, service, maintenance, cash and paper loading. All you provide is the power. Contact us today and let us help you discover how wireless communications for your ATM can amplify your business goals.


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