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Four Simple Tips to Make Your ATM Stand Out

PAI – Jan 28th, 2014

Don't let your machine get lost in the crowdHow to make your atm machine stand out

These days it doesn't take long to find an ATM when you're a little light on cash. Almost every store and every street corner seems to have multiple machines. As the owner of an ATM business, it can be difficult to differentiate your machines from the competition. PAI has an entire team of people ready to help, and to get you started, we're offering four tips to help your ATM stand out in the crowd.

Brand Your ATM Machine

Branding your machine can have numerous benefits. You can choose to cover it with your branding, or generate additional revenue by selling the space to an advertiser. Regardless of what you brand it with, simply having catchy graphics and text on the machine will grab the attention of anyone walking by. As a bonus, you have the option of changing your ATM's branding every few months to catch people's eyes.

Integrated with Mobile

In May 2013 the number of people with smartphones in the United States grew to 56 percent, marking the first time more than half the population owned a smartphone. Since ATMs are typically used when walking or driving, this offers a unique opportunity to integrate an ATM's capabilities with a user's mobile phone. One option is to create a rewards program that users can sign up for at the ATM and receive special offers on their smartphone. The possibilities are endless, but discounts and rewards will help your ATM stand out above others.

Go Wireless

Special events and festivals often limit accessibility to ATM machines. You can stand out and increase usage by purchasing a wireless ATM and installing it at convenient, but temporary, locations. Convenience is a great selling point, so saving people from a walk across fairgrounds or stadiums to get cash can increase your ATM's use. Wireless ATMs can be installed just about anywhere, so choose wisely and make yours the most convenient.

Use Receipt Advertising

We've all seen the advertisements and coupons on the back of receipts at the grocery store, but seeing them on ATM receipts is not as common. Add coupons to the back of your ATM receipts to encourage people to use your machine. As a bonus, try partnering with a well-known and nearby store to offer their coupons on the back of receipts. You can promote the offer by branding the machine with the store's logo and coupon details. This technique will encourage the use of your machine and shopping at the store, a win-win for both parties.

Use these pointers to boost your ATM usage, and contact a PAI representative if you would like to learn more about implementing any of the above tips. Have your own tip you want to share? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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