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ATM Maintenance: 4 Tips to Winterize Your ATM

PAI – Dec 18th, 2013

Winterize Your ATMThe air is cool and snow has started falling, it must be winter. If you haven't thought about winterizing your ATMs, now is the time to start. The cold temperatures and wet conditions of the winter months can damage your machines if you're not prepared, so take action now before it's too late. Use these four tips to make your ATM stress-and malfunction-free this winter.

1. Keep the ATM Dispenser Warm

When the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, your ATM's tension belt and motor may begin to have operational issues. By keeping a small electric heater that's approved for tight spaces inside the vault, you can keep your machine warm and running smoothly. It may be a good idea to put the heater on a timer so it cycles on and off every few hours. This will maintain the temperature inside the vault and prevent other components from overheating.

2. Keep Your ATM Machine Sheltered

Outward facing ATM components such as the keypad and function keys have small gaps that water can sometimes enter. Even if the machine is intended for outdoor use, condensation and water droplets can occasionally get in and damage the equipment. For this reason, it's always a good idea to use a kiosk designed to protect the ATM from direct snow or rain.

3. Cycle Batteries

Most batteries don't respond well to steep temperature drops, and can sometimes fail to work when you need them the most. If you use an ATM electronic lock to open the vault, make sure you always have access by frequently changing the batteries - even if they still work. You can do this by keeping several battery sets in your car and cycling them out on a regular basis throughout the winter months. Doing this will eliminate battery failure before it happens, and ensure you always have access to your vault.

4. Watch the Weather

Always keeping your ATM properly sheltered is a good tip, but winter storms can bring unpredictable amounts of snow, sleet and wind. If a winter storm is on its way, prepare ahead of time to prevent major damage to your outdoor ATMs. It may even be worth placing the ATM out of service and covering it with plastic until the harsh weather has passed. This may be a small inconvenience now, but could reduce costly downtime in the future due to a component failure.

The winter is an exciting time of warm fires and holiday cheer, but that can quickly turn to anger if your machines start malfunctioning. Prepare them now for the colder months, and contact PAI if you need assistance or would like more information.

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