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Dynamic Currency Conversion for ATMs: A Traveler's Best Friend

PAI – Nov 15th, 2013

Dynamic Currency Conversion for ATMsDynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) allows a foreign cardholder to process their ATM transaction in their home country's currency, allowing the user to see all of the transaction fees in a currency they know and understand. So when a person from the UK is visiting the United States, they can see exactly what the transaction will cost them in Pounds rather than Dollars. By doing this, they don't have to guess the exchange rate or attempt to figure out the math while standing at the ATM. It creates a crystal clear picture of the transaction in a currency they recognize, so there are no surprises later on.

An Untapped Source of ATM Income Potential

For the ATM owner, Dynamic Currency Conversion offers a way to generate a brand new stream of income. With each DCC transaction, you are entitled to 2% of the total withdrawal amount in addition to the normal surcharge and intercharge. For ATM owners who have machines in popular tourist spots, cultural areas or airports, adding Dynamic Currency Conversion could add a significant amount of income to their ATM route with no upfront costs.

Dynamic Currency Conversion is offered exclusively by Payment Alliance International and is open to all customers at no additional cost. While all new ATM machines from PAI are ready for the Dynamic Currency Conversion software, some older machines may require a keypad upgrade to take advantage of this convenient tool. Contact a PAI representative to find out if your machine is ready for the DCC software or if a keypad upgrade will be required.

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