Financial Institution Solutions
ATM Advertising/Branding

ATM brandingWe have multiple "placed-based" advertising solutions that can be used to target consumers. Our solution allows you to utilize placed-based advertising as an extension of your brand — on a nationwide network of ATMs that you select — for unique consumer-targeted marketing campaigns. Programs include:

  • ATM Branding: Merchandisers, businesses, and financial institutions of all types/sizes can easily use our nationwide network of ATMs to promote their services to a targeted audience. By strategically placing special branding/promotional materials directly onto our ATMs, customers that frequent retail locations where our ATMs are located can easily recognize your brand or advertisement.
  • Digital ATM Screen and Receipt Advertising: Easily advertise your products and services directly to attentive cardholders who are conducting ATM transactions.
  • ATM Receipt Couponing: Use back of receipt advertising to promote specific businesses, merchandise, and/or limited time offers to cardholders who are using our ATMs on a daily basis.

Target your audience at the very moment they are getting cash to spend — right at the ATM!

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