Financial Institution ATM Outsourcing Solutions

Increase Your Non-Interest Fee Income While Eliminating Risk and Liability with PAI OneSource

Financial institution solutionsPAI offers a completely customizable suite of ATM programs to meet the specific needs of Financial Institutions and their customers.

Our financial institution ATM solutions allow you to grow both consumer and commercial account business in a smart, cost-effective way. We constantly seek out, and develop, new products and services to drive more revenue to the financial institutions we serve.

Gain competitive advantages in your market areas, without assuming any additional risk, liability, or operational interruption.

No other company in our industry comes close to providing the range of ATM programs for you and your customers.

Ten Reasons Financial Institutions Should Outsource ATM Services With PAI:

  1. Decrease Capital Outlay: By outsourcing ATM operations, management and expenses associated with purchasing costly ATMs and software, significant capital outlay can be avoided.
  2. Operational Expenses: Outsourcing allows for the elimination of ongoing armored car, maintenance and administrative costs relating to the placement and management of ATMs.
  3. Reduction of Liability Exposure: The ATM regulatory environment and ongoing management of a fleet is quite challenging and expensive. Through outsourcing, liability for Regulation E claims, counterfeit card fraud, EMV/chip cards non-compliance, and damaged or stolen equipment is greatly reduced.
  4. BIN Suppression: As part of an outsourcing program, all financial institution cardholders will have surcharge FREE access to ATMs placed and operated on behalf of the bank.
  5. Advertising: Financial institutions have the option to brand each ATM's screen as well as full-color graphic wraps.
  6. Exposure: Outsourcing allows financial institutions to enjoy the benefits of advertising in various off-premise locations and simultaneously reduce operational expenses.
  7. Convenience: Financial institution cardholders will appreciate the convenience of accessing SURCHARGE FREE ATMs in off-premise locations.
  8. Revenue Sharing: Through outsourcing, financial institutions can profit through revenue sharing, earn non-interest fee income and turn an expense into revenue.
  9. Speed: ATMs can be placed and fully operational within two to three weeks, satisfying bank customer demands.
  10. Expertise: ATMs are just a portion of what financial institutions offer, and outsourcing provides the expertise needed to understand and manage all the dynamics of the ATM industry without the hassles.

ATM outsourcing increases bank presence, provides more convenience, and makes a positive impact on your bottom line!

Other Financial Institution ATM Services from PAI:

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