ATM Value Added Services...Put Them to Work for You!

Payment Alliance International (PAI) offers a variety of Value Added Services to choose from for your ATM(s). These services can help boost the value of your business and increase your bottom line by:

  1. Increasing transaction volume and revenue earned per transaction
  2. Raising consumer awareness of the ATM services you provide
  3. Improving operating efficiency
  4. Leveraging ATM placement

Put these services to work for you and watch your business grow!

Program Offerings:

> CardFree Cash℠ (Popmoney®)
CardFree Cash is the future, and now you can be part of it! CardFree Cash uses the Popmoney brand, backed by Fiserv's bank-supported network of over 3,000 financial institutions. This product gives customers access to their account for emergency withdrawals if they ever lose possession of their card, if they're waiting for a new card in the mail, or if they simply just don't want to carry their card as a matter of convenience. Popmoney also allows peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfers that can be withdrawn right from your ATM! You'll have access to all new customers and transactions that are directed to your location by Accel's ATM locator website.

> Mastercard Cash Pick-Up™
Mastercard Cash Pick-Up allows P2P providers, humanitarian aid, government agencies, NGO or corporate entities to deliver cash remittances to consumers by allowing any person with a mobile number to receive funds from enabled ATMs without the use of a card.

> FIS Cardless Cash™
FIS Cardless Cash gives customers the ability to pre-order a cash withdrawal at the ATM from their mobile banking app. With card-related fraud increasing, cardless cash employs a first-class cloud security model to safeguard customers' payment information. This industry leading feature allows the 1,500+ banks and credit unions to better service and protect their customers by offering cross-channel interaction at the ATM.

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> PAI CA$H Alliance
Are you looking to free up some vault cash, ensure security, or load ATMs located anywhere in the United States? Look to the PAI CA$H Alliance program for the answer.

CA$H Alliance from PAI provides vault cash and armored loading services for your ATM route so you can focus less on simply running a route, and more on expanding your business! Since its creation, CA$H Alliance has helped PAI partners experience unprecedented growth by returning millions of dollars in vault cash. Our partners have used that cash to purchase ATMs, EMV kits, and even entire ATM routes!

> PAI Reports
The Payment Alliance International (PAI) Reports and Administration System is an online application that allows users to access reports regarding their ATM business.

> PAI Mobile
Whether boarding a new terminal, entering signed documentation into the system, or monitoring your portfolio via the many useful reports, managing your ATM portfolio on the go will be significantly easier with the use of the new PAI Mobile app.

The app operates on both Android and Apple devices. You can find the app on Google Play or Apple Store by searching for "PAIMobile," "Payment Alliance International," or "PAI Reports."

  • Click here to download the PAI Mobile User Guide!

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    > DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)
    Bring in new customers, build location and merchant loyalty, create locations that make your business stand out and earn more income. DCC pays you back in so many ways! Set up DCC on your ATM to offer international cardholders the convenience of seeing the withdrawal amount in their currency on the transaction receipt whenever they withdraw cash from your ATM. The best part is that you can earn a conversion fee just by setting up this program on your ATM!

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    > Dual Balance Inquiry
    Payment Alliance International is excited to share that we now offer the Dual Balance Inquiry feature on Genmega and Hyosung terminals. Dual Balance Inquiry allows cardholders the option to obtain the balance of multiple accounts (i.e., checking and savings) that are associated with their card, during a single transaction, without the need to perform multiple transactions or enter their PIN multiple times. The benefit of this feature is it brings increased interchange revenue to your ATMs.

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    Get the benefits of increased interchange income, without the need for updating your ATM's software. These services provide your business with instant revenue benefits just by enrolling your machines in the program.

    Enroll your ATMs in the innovative DOLLAR$TOP program, offered by PAI through the NYCE® Network, and you will add immediate value to your ATMs. This limited surcharge program is available only to select NYCE cardholders, where they can withdraw cash for a guaranteed surcharge fee of " just $1.00" at participating DOLLAR$TOP ATMs. You'll receive more interchange and higher location presence as customers find your ATM through NYCE's ATM locator.

    > Allpoint®
    Expand your business by adding your ATMs to the Allpoint surcharge-free network. With Allpoint, you gain access to 27 million cardholders that are actively seeking participating locations. With over 1,100 participating financial institutions, the Allpoint program can help increase your revenues by attracting new customers to your ATMs. Get customers in your location's door just by providing free advertisement utilizing Allpoint's ATM Locator.

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    > PAI Wireless
    PAI Wireless integrates Systech® wireless devices with the newest technology to offer the most cost-effective and secure communication platform in the industry!

    > Remote Monitoring System (RMS)
    The PAI Remote Monitoring System (RMS) is available when using the PAI Wireless solution. The RMS service is a game-changer for your business as it will save you time, money, and the hassle of physically handling various issues with your ATM.

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