ATM solutions: secure Protection for ATMs

ATM Data Breach, EMV &
Frivolous Lawsuit Protection

We’ve all seen the headlines these past few years regarding large retailers with recognizable names who have fallen victim to massive data security breaches. These breaches have cost those retailers millions of dollars in fines and compliance costs, as well as immeasurable loss to their business reputation.

EMV Increases Threat to ATMs

An EMV card is essentially a small computer that is easily recognizable in the form of a "chip” you can see/feel on a credit/debit card’s exterior. Effective April 19, 2013 MasterCard shifted the liability for counterfeit cross-border Maestro EMV ATM transactions from the Issuer to the Acquirer, therefore making some of our ATM locations vulnerable to this new type of chargeback. PAI has expanded the PAI Secure ATM indemnification program to include protection for the new EMV chargeback reason code.

Secure Protection for atm machinesDownload the PAI Secure ATMbrochure (PDF file, opens in new window)

ATMs are subject to skimming schemes as well as many other types of possible cardholder data threats. ATMs are also subject to a completely different threat by possibly becoming the victim of an unscrupulous lawsuit commonly known as "sticker lawsuits”. These lawsuits challenge the ATMs compliance with the requirement to post a physical notice on the outside of your ATM indicating that the cardholder might be charged a fee for their transaction. These nuisance lawsuits are resulting in settlements in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Payment Alliance International (PAI) has created the comprehensive PAI Secure ATM program to facilitate compliance with regulations, as well as to offer ATM lawsuit protection and guard ATM owners from these potentially devastating economic threats. Our program will walk you through the compliance process, while providing availability to our PCI Hotline, which is staffed with knowledgeable Compliance Agents.

PAI Secure ATM Offers

  • EMV Chargebacks ($25,000)
    • The program has been expanded to include coverage for the ATM owner for any Reason 70 Chargebacks relating to the EMV liability shift.
  • Sticker Suit Coverage ($50,000 + $17,000)
    • Retain the existing coverage for up to $50,000 for any Sticker Suits for Surcharge, ADA or any other ATM sticker requirement
    • Retain the $17,000 legal defense fund for sticker suit litigation, which could be pursued through the end of 2013 when the ATM has been enrolled in the PAI Secure ATM program
  • Breach Coverage ($50,000)
    • Retain the additional $50,000 breach coverage for ATM devices.

What you can do to protect yourself at the ATM

  • Always change your ATM’s password from the original default password provided at time of purchase.
  • Give employees Admin Passwords only.
  • Check your decals on the ATM regularly and keep dated photos on file showing decals in place.
  • Never let anyone unauthorized "service” your ATM.
  • Consider new auditable time released locks that allow you to track access to the ATM by each user.
  • Consider more secure communications, such as wireless or via the internet.
  • Clearly display security cameras that monitor ATM activity.

What you can do to protect yourself with your card payment devices

  • Adhere to PCI Data Security Standards.
  • Educate your employees.

Download the PAI Secure ATM brochure (PDF file, opens in new window)

Contact us online or at 877-271-2627 to learn more about the program. Even if you don't process through PAI, you can still take advantage of this great program.