ATM SERVICES: ATM Remote monitoring system (RMS)

Reduce ATM MACHINE down time and increase customer availability

Available when using the PAI Wireless ATM solution, our ATM Remote Monitoring System (RMS) will save you time, money, and the hassle of physically handling various issues with your ATM. When you sign up for the RMS service and other ATM services, many of your non-monetary and time-consuming ATM activities can be handled by PAI on your behalf without you even lifting a finger.

The ATM Machine Remote Monitoring System includes:

  • Pulling ATM journal(s) remotely for Reg E claims - When PAI is notified a Reg E claim has been filed on your ATM that utilizes the RMS service, we will remotely pull a journal from the ATM and submit it on your behalf.
  • Remote monitoring and notification of errors on participating ATMs - When RMS identifies an error is present on your ATM, a PAI representative will call and notify you, tell you the specific error, and work with you to determine the best way to resolve that error.
  • Reset ATM remotely - PAI representatives have the ability to reset your participating ATM machine when certain error codes appear. Since the RMS system continuously monitors the status of your ATM, we are notified when errors occur and can call you to ask permission to reset the ATM on your behalf. Often resetting an ATM can clear certain errors.

Download the PAI ATM Remote Monitoring System (RMS) (PDF file, opens in new window).