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Real-Time ATM Monitoring

PAIReports is the atm business solution for real-time atm business reporting.How profitable is your ATM business? Know the answer at any moment--in only a moment--with PAIReports, one of the many ATM business solutions from PAI. Our PAIReports platform is an industry-leading, secure reporting application that allows businesses to access a variety of ATM reports via the Internet.

PAIReports provides you with web-based, real-timeATMreporting 24/7, allowing you to easily balance your terminals whenever it is convenient. We also provide monthly reports, including:

  • All terminal transaction activity
  • Revenue generated by transactions
  • Amount of ACH deposit or check
  • Amount of cash remaining in the ATM

PAIReports: The ATM Business Solution for Fast, Easy Reporting

Keep track of the profitability of your ATM business, through your browser, in real time. Quickly and securely access the specific information you need at a moment’s notice. Drill down even further for more detailed data to monitor your business or perform administrative functions.

ATM reports can be securely accessed, printed, and downloaded from anywhere – at any time.

To learn more about our innovative PAIReports system, contact us for a demonstration.

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