Gift, Loyalty & rewards Cards

Ensure Repeat Business with Gift and Loyalty Cards

Loyalty and reward card solutions from paiGift cards with your brand are no longer restricted to "big box" stores. Merchants of every size and type now benefit from "stored value" gift and loyalty cards. Whether you need 500 cards or 5000, we have a solution to fit your business. Reward your best customers, encourage repeat business, and increase revenues.

Private label gift and loyalty cards customized with a merchant’s own brand can be sold to consumers at the point of sale. These cards can only be used at the specific merchant locations associated with the merchant-branded gift card.

Gift cards, also known as "stored value cards," have largely served as a replacement for paper-based payment instruments and related devices, such as gift certificates, paper tickets and tokens, and check-based rebates. 80% of consumers will purchase a gift card this year; 60% will spend more than the initial value of the card. This is a great way to expand your revenues!

Loyalty programs are available in a cardless or card-based scenario. A business can customize the rewards programs that are offered to its customers.

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