Merchant Receivables Advances

Increase your working capital, without a traditional bank loan.

Merchant receivables advancesPayment Alliance International's merchant receivables advances are fast and simple, with no fixed payments. PAI CA$H can be a great alternative to a bank loan for merchants with less than perfect credit or limited assets. With a merchant receivables advance, you pay back the loan with your future credit card processing volume. The rate of the advance is typically based on the historical performance and general health of the business: PAI receives a small percentage of your daily credit card receipts until the advance is paid in full.

Benefits of a PAI CA$H Advance vs. a Business Loan

Unlike bank loans, there are no closing costs, upfront fees, or fixed monthly repayments. Payments are repaid automatically through Visa or Master card sales, a much easier option compared to business loans. As a fixed deduction percentage, there is no need to worry about making scheduled payments during periods of slow sales.

PAI CA$H Advances are also easily renewable; you can renew the current advance when you've repaid at least 60% of your current advance and as many times as you wish (within qualifying guidelines).

Download out PAI CA$H Advance Brochure (PDF file - opens in new window).

Don't let a credit crunch stall your business growth. Contact one of our financial services specialists today to find out if a merchant receivables advance is right for you.