ATM advertising and Marketing Solutions

ATM Advertising Connects Your Message
to Customer Transactions.

Get your message in front of customers when they are withdrawing funds and planning their next cash purchases with PAI's ATM advertising and merchandising solutions. Just like billboards and retail signage used to promote goods and services to consumers, ATMs represent prime advertising real estate that can showcase individual or multiple company names.

ATM Advertising Made Easy

Payment Alliance offers a number of advertising solutions designed to target your customers the moment they make their ATM Transaction – including:

  • ATM Branding: Get noticed by strategically placing special branding on the ATMs your customers frequent the most.
  • Digital Screen Advertising: Advertise your products and services directly to attentive cardholders while they make their transactions.
  • ATM Receipt Couponing: Promote your business, merchandise, and limited time offers on the back of ATM receipts.
  • Mobile OPT IN Rewards: Let customers sign up at the ATM to have special offers sent directly to their mobile phone.

Download the ATM Merchandising, Advertising and Branding Media Kit (PDF file - opens in new window).

Our ATM advertising products and services could also be advertised and cross-sold to consumers walking by - right on the ATM’s signage. Don't miss out on this powerful marketing opportunity. Contact one of our marketing solution specialists.