ATM marketing Solutions

Marketing and Advertising ATM Solutions to Enhance Your Brand

Payment Alliance International (PAI) is not just a payment processor — we're a partner. We understand that your business success fuels ours. That's why we offer a wide array of marketing solutions to help you grow your sales and revenue. Whether it's ATM advertising opportunities or ATM branding across our network, PAI provides smart marketing solutions to extend your business reach.

ATM Marketing and advertising

Target Your Customers with ATM Advertising

Here at PAI, we developed a number of innovative, consumer-facing marketing solution specifically designed for use on ATMs:

  • ATM Branding: This unique branded ATM program offers financial institutions the advantages of a private-label ATM network with none of the risks or operational hassles, and at a fraction of the cost!
  • ATM Advertising: Connect your marketing messages to your customers the moment they begin planning their next cash purchase.

To learn more about how Payment Alliance can help you get more customers and grow your bottom line through ATM branding, ATM advertising, and more, contact one of our marketing solution specialists.