It has come to our attention that two letter/check scams "UK & NORTH AMERICA CUSTOMER REWARD PROMOTION DRAW” and "CUSTOMER WINDFALL PROMOTION" utilizing the name of our company, Payment Alliance International, Inc. are being perpetrated on persons across the country. The premise of these scams are that the recipient has won a $50,000, $67,000 or $70,000 prize for doing business at one of several national retailers. Included with the "Prize” scam letter is a check to cover the "Winner’s taxes” on the prize. The "Winner” is requested to deposit the check into their bank account and call for instructions. Although the return address printed on these "Prize Letters” is the address for our Louisville, Kentucky office, the phone numbers are all fraudulent long distance numbers that if utilized, will connect the "Winner” to persons running this scam and the check is a fraudulent check. The addresses on the "Prize Letters" for the "CUSTOMER WINDFALL PROMOTION" are fictitious.

Please be advised that THESE PRIZE PROGRAMS ARE A SCAM!! Payment Alliance International, Inc. has no connection whatsoever with any "UK & NORTH AMERICA CUSTOMER REWARD PROMOTION DRAW" or the "CUSTOMER WINDFALL PROMOTION". We have filed reports with all appropriate governmental, police and regulatory authorities.

What To Do If You Were Targeted By This Scam

  1. If possible, please fax or email a copy of the letter and check to Jason Kuhn at 502-212-4004 (fax) or
  2. Report the scam to the Internet Crime Complain Center (, a web site allowing citizens to report scams to a database used by United States law enforcement personnel. Please input information about the scam there to aid law enforcement in catching the perpetrators of these scams. 
  3. Please destroy and discard the check and letter immediately. Any attempt to deposit the check may result in a loss of your personal funds. 


Please remember that Payment Alliance International, Inc. will never ask for your user name, your account numbers, or your passwords over the phone or via email.


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