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Payment made possible.

About payment allianceAs a business owner, you constantly seek simple ways to grow your business, increase revenue, and surpass your customers' expectations. Smart growth means adding products and services that you can deliver confidently, without worrying about overextending your business operationally or financially.

Local and regional business owners and financial institutions face this challenge with even more limited resources than their bigger national competitors.

Payment Alliance International (PAI) is here to help.

Payment Alliance International (PAI) is a powerful partner in finding new, innovative ways to help you increase profits with every financial transaction. With PAI, you can:

  • Open up new revenue streams for your business
  • Find new customers for your business
  • Expand the payment options your customers have available
  • Offer your customers all the financial services they have come to expect

With PAI, you can leverage our powerful payment solutions across ATM machines, credit card, check services and more while working with a single-source vendor agile enough to respond quickly to your growing business needs.

PAI provides your business the payment industry's most diverse offering of financial services, from credit card processing and check services to ATM machines, supported with real-time analytical solutions and up-to-the-minute resources on the changing regulations and trends related to payment and financial transactions.

Whether you're new to financial processing or an experienced veteran -- we make payment possible.

"Traditional credit card and check processing is simply too narrow a focus for a company in this industry. The vast vertical opportunities associated with financial institutions and savvy merchants must be addressed. PAI will focus on the entire financial processing landscape by including solutions that include ATMs and analytic services along with credit card and check processing." John J. Leehy III , CEO

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